Gentle Lady™ Glider

Gentle Lady Glider

Carl's quintessential glider design.

When it comes to economical high-performance R/C soaring, the Lady's still the champ! This model gives beginners plenty of time to sort things out, yet providing experienced flyers with those extra-long flights. Take her out and you'll know why so many thousands of modelers have fallen in love with the Gentle Lady.


Stock Number: GPMA0960
Wingspan: 78.3 in (1988 mm)
Wing Area: 663 in² (42.83 dm²)
Flying Weight: 22-25oz (623 - 709 g)
Wing Loading: 4.77 - 5.42 oz/ft² (14.6 - 16.5 gm/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 41 in (1041 mm)
Requires: 2 channel system with 2 standard size servos, two rolls of covering material
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