SafeCharge LiPo Battery Charge Bag

Minimizes charging dangers for maximum safety!

SafeCharge LiPo Charge Bag

Enjoy the high voltage and low weight of LiPo battery packs with less worry over charging dangers. Placing packs into ElectriFly's SafeCharge LiPo Charge Safety Bag when charging minimizes the chance for people and property to be harmed if a fire occurs.

The SafeCharge bag is made of super-strong fiberglass coated with heat-resistant silicone. Heat-resistant thread at the seams, along with three melt-proof steel snaps on the flap, restrict the flow of air that fires need to burn. As a result, bag is able to suppress flames and keep them from spreading.

  • Made of high-strength woven fiberglass, and coated with high-temperature silicone that provides extra protection from flames and excessive heat

  • Stitched with high-temperature thread to prevent unwanted failure at the seams

  • Flap closure utilizes three steel snap buttons - no hook-and-loop material that can melt

  • Rated for use with LiPo batteries up to 11.1V (3S) and 3200mAh capacity

  • Measures 12.5" x 9"

Stock Number: GPMP0751